We rolled into the Tumble In RV park about midnight. Keeping our eyes out for the Marfa Lights.
After a chilly night of car camping...
we set out in search of coffee...
established in 1883 as a water stop on the San Antonio Railway, Marfa was named for Dostoyevsky’s character "Marfa Ignatievna" - or so the legend goes.
In 1955 Warner Brothers chose Marfa as the location for the filming of the epic movie Giant. While filming, the cast and crew, including James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Hudson made their home at HOTEL PAISANO.
We made our home at The Thunderbird
and, of course, i was abducted by aliens.
but we were back in time for a great dinner at The Water Stop
and then, PRADA.
Besides "Giant" and the Legendary Mystery Lights, Marfa is best known for the art.
In 1971, Donald Judd, the renowned minimalist artist, looking for a place to permanently install his art, moved to Marfa. Today, you can visit Donald Judd’s art and buildings at the Chinati Foundation and the Judd Foundation.
it was right about here when we really got into the spirit of the thing
for more western make-believe, check out us "Playing Western"
Until next time...
Thanks Marfa.
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