Edition #44 - "The Visitors"
Hi there, here's another edition of heshphoto's "hi-five friday" - every first Friday we like to share five of our images that make us
So this month, something different. Here's a few pics from a magical afternoon with our whimsical and talented art department friends. In the woods behind our place upstate New York is this old graphite mine, and until this day, it had probably never seen tinsel. Although some locals swear that it has seen real life aliens! This change of pace from our assignment work, and the days of vacation surrounding it, gave us all a much needed cleansing of the spirit and a renewed curiosity!
So cheers to allowing time for spontaneous, playful personal work - and to getting a little weird in the woods.

Thanks for looking and have a happy first Friday!
Now, go out and buy/make/see some art.

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