Edition #49 "Path Of Totality"
Hi there, here's another edition of heshphoto's "hi-five friday" - every first Friday we like to share five of our images that make us
On the road again! This week, we are heading to the “Path of Totality” to witness our 2nd full solar eclipse. We were fortunate to have seen the one back in August of 2017. The shot in the middle is taken from a field in Nebraska during the event. Hesh and David were heading from Denver to a shoot in Chicago so I tagged along as far as Nebraska - well worth it! 

FYI, after this total solar eclipse, the next one that can be seen (in totality) from the States won't be for 20 years!

Thanks for looking and have a happy first Friday!
Now, go out and buy/make/see some art.

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