Bowens Island Oyster Room
Down in the South Carolina Lowcountry outside the city of Charleston, down a long winding dirt road, at the very tip of the 13-acre Bowens Island you might just find the very best of all "unique seafood experiences" or maybe just a better state of mind.
here you will find The Bowens Island Restaurant since 1946.
a rustic little spot for local oysters, fried shrimp, and Frogmore stew with great views and an event dock space.
But on our visit, unplanned and wandering and in true Eliza fashion, it was the underbelly that really impressed. In the cinder block graffiti covered rooms below the restaurant there is a small painted sign and heat and steam and...
The Oyster Man in his Oyster Room cooking up the bivalves for all those lucky folks coming off the water with some fresh caught goodies!
hard working, good eating.
"an aging pile of cinder blocks and boards held up by layers of graffiti, with bivalves being cooked inside on some sacrificial altar"
and visit.
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