Edition #40 - "Road Trips"
Hi there, here's another edition of heshphoto's "hi-five friday" - every first Friday we like to share five of our images that make us
This month, Eliza and i are two more of the many who choose July as their time for the great American road trip. We just seem to also choose other months too - this cross country drive will be our 5th in 18 months! I was thinking back to the one that really kickstarted us - it was our first time with a sort of camper - the first time we were allowed to really get off of the highways and get away from any set destinations. It was intoxicating and magnificent.
So here's five pics from that trip - reminding us of the wisdom in that old cliché, "the journey is the destination".
Thanks for looking and happy first Friday!
Now, go out and buy/make/see some art.
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