Late last year, we got a call from our friend Mark at Shutterstock. Staples was looking to produce a
large mural for a display in their brand new flagship store on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. The request was for a 16ft x 6ft landscape image of the Griffith Park Observatory. The challenge would be that the final file needed to maintain an extremely high resolution at that large size in order for the installation to be used to demonstrate a wide range of printing capabilities and materials. Our solution was to composite about 12 Shots from a 100 megapixel camera into a single panorama. The original idea was for a nice "golden hour" shot but once we were up there, as the sun continued to set and we continued to shoot, the city lights came alive and it was 
clear to me that the night shot was going to be the most beautiful. I really appreciate the opportunity, the trust and creative freedom that both Shutterstock and Staples gave me on this project - Thank you.
please go check out the new, beautiful store if you can.
5665 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
also, here's a few outtakes and mock-ups:
one of the best parts of this kind of assignment is the waiting. After scouting the location, determining the angle, securing the permit, and setting the camera - we just need to wait. We start with a series of shots in the afternoon and then wait for the light - repeating the series whenever it has changed enough to warrant it. And repeat and repeat, shortening the intervals as the changes get faster and faster until the light is gone. In those in between times, with a beautiful view and fine weather it can be a very pleasant sort of forced pause.
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